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This is referred to as the 10 stems or 10 heavenly stems.

Your animal and element can guide your design choices

Knowing your birth element can help you create the best feng shui for your home or office. It can guide the decor colors , items, and areas you should emphasize and minimize.

Horoscope: February 25th - 26th

For example, if you were born in a fire element year, you should use shades of red and yellow fire colors while minimizing white, gray, green, and brown metal and wood colors. You also should emphasize the fireplace and decorate with candles while avoiding metal decor.

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The 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs change each lunar year. Your birth zodiac animal is said to guide your personality traits and influence your compatibility with certain people.

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In feng shui, the birth animal also can affect the aspects of a dwelling to emphasize and minimize. When paired together, the feng shui elements and zodiac animal signs result in a year cycle called the sexagenary system. The cycle is considered to start with rat and wood, which last occurred in , meaning that cycle will stretch to They have the discipline to work for others, but prefer not to, feeling they must go their own way to achieve their desired level of success.

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They are careful with money, especially if they have an irregular income. February 26 people are idealistic in their hopes and perceptions, and many of their goals may seem out of reach. But the unattainability makes those goals so appealing.

Astrology & Zodiac Signs for Kids

They see no reason their dreams can't be realized and are willing to sacrifice to make sure they are. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.

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February 26 Birthday Horoscope

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